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Search Ads or Cost-Per-Click (CPC) ads are paid-search text ads that appear in search results listings. Search Listing ads include a title, description, your click-through URL (URL to the landing page or Website that your ad links to) and a display URL (URL that is displayed in the ad).

We serve search based ads covering over 40 countries and 35 major verticals. Whether your looking for organic search traffic, or bidding on PPC-CPC keywords, we have the tools to help you succeed & convert your offers, products, and or services.

We also provide Search Ads inside Banner Ads, Sponsored,, Inline Text Ads, & XML based search technology.  

Search advertising can increase your online presence drastically and reach your ROI goals in a few short hours.

Our search network reaches over 14 million unique search queries per day, and delivers over 50,000 clicks per day!

 √  Advanced click fraud protection around the clock is our policy!




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